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What is EuroVO for education

EuroVO for education is a project developed within the framework of the European Virtual Observatory (EuroVO) with the aim of diffusing EuroVO data and software to the public, in particular students, teachers and astronomy enthusiasts. Note: EuroVO for education is the project originally called EuroVO-AIDA/WP5.

EuroVO for education offers use cases, pedagogical units, and simplified professional software that will allow a taste of the emotion of scientific research even to those approaching astronomy for the first time or simply wishing to wander between stars.

The educational material of EuroVO for education has been designed specifically for teachers in support of an effective presentation of astronomy in the classroom. However, amateur astronomers too will appreciate both the EuroVO for education software tools that simulate the night sky giving useful information during observations, or during their planning, and the simple and intuitive access and visualization of EuroVO data.

What to find in this site?

_ EuroVO free software for the public
_ use cases consisting of a general presentation of an astronomical problem and a step by step guide on how to use the EuroVO for education software tools needed to solve the problem. Use cases can be easily transformed into pedagogical units for middle- and highschools.
_ the latest EuroVO for education news
_ a selection of interesting and useful links
_ a brief presentation of the EuroVO for education project

Our project depends on your appreciacion. If you found our products useful, please reference it in you work, send us an email or like us on Facebook.   

latest use cases and software
New Stellarium 0.20.4.
/ February 15, 2021 /
New release of Stellarium Software/... /
New usecase:
The disk of the Milky Way.
/ April 2, 2018 /
New usecase on shape and properties of the Milky Way./... /
New usecase:
Stellarium for beginners.
/ March 10, 2017 /
New usecase on basic features of Stellarium and simple examples on how to use it./... /
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EuroVO for education has been developed with the support of the 7th European Framework
Programme through the following projects: EuroVO AIDA (212104), EuroVO ICE (261541) and
EuroVO CoSADIE (312559). Maintenance is supported by INAF, through the Astronomical
Observatory of Trieste, the ICT Office and the VObs.it initiative.
EuroVO for education is a STELLA project.
designed and maintained by Giulia Iafrate - INAF-OATs